This jolly print is absolutely ideal for anyone who likes Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and other dinosaurs.

We stock a range of separate items and also a set consisting of a duvet cover with a yellow underside and red pillowcase.

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Dinosaur print design
Bedlinen Bedlinen Bedlinen
CSD01 Cot Bed Set 40.00
Duvet cover with a yellow underside
and a contrasting pillowcase
DD01 Duvet Cover (Single) 42.00

Dinosaur print both sides
PD01 Standard Pillowcase 11.00

shown with

PAD01 Standard Pillowcase 9.00

CDD01 Cot Bed Duvet Cover 38.00
Dinosaur print both sides

CPD01 Cot Bed Pillowcase 9.00


Laundry Bag

LBD01 Laundry Bag £14.00
Drawstring bags ideal for storing
laundry or toys

Wooden Hangers
Wooden Hangers with Crossbar (sets of 3) £14.00


Wooden Letters

WLAD01 Wooden Letters £4.00 each

9cm white letters finished with a smooth sheen. They can be left white or painted and decorated with paint or felt pens!

Padded Hangers

Padded Hangers (sets of 3) £14.00


BAD01 Bunting £28.00

Length: 3 metres (18 flags) Yellow tape (with fixing loops) and red flags

Our double sided bunting is great for use indoors or outdoors Use it to add a splash of colour in a bedroom or playroom, or as a decoration for parties and celebrations!

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